Saturday, June 4, 2011


Chris J, Kelly L and I decided to check out Kaji.  Chris has been there a couple of times, and I'd always wanted to go.  We went (of course) for the Takumi menu (the chef changes it up depending on what's fresh - every meal there is different).  Unbelievable meal!

Sesame tofu:

Winter melon stuffed with lily bulb:

Assorted plate: (? , stuffed tomato, eggplant) 

Sashimi: (very fresh, the head was still moving)

Shrimp cake soup:

Deep fried satsuma (snail) cake: (with shrimp in bamboo leaf, white fish on rice)


Anago (salt-water eel) - like Unagi (fresh-water eel):


Bonus! (tofu?) and cobbed corn stuffed with shrimp:

Bonus mystery stuff:

Kelly and Chris got this dessert:

And I got this one - don't know why, but mine was delicious!

Topped it off with chilled Sake:

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Chris Jeens said...

When are we going back!